Aaron Harburg, Esquire

p. 302-575-0873 | f. 302-575-0925

Aaron is a passionate advocate for artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Before pursuing law, he produced videos and media for clients such as the Arrow Benefits Group, Parker Hannifin, Mercedes-Benz, tech startups, and non-profits. Beginning in 2005 at the Advance Technology Division of the US EPA, his role was to translate complex technical concepts into memorable presentations. Throughout the intervening years producing videos and short films (sometimes with millions of views), he has extensive experience with contracts, name, image, likeness issues, and entity formation. Additionally, through projects furthering his great-grandfather Yip Harburg’s legacy (lyricist for “Over the Rainbow” and other memorable songs), Aaron has gained intimate knowledge of copyright law.

He graduated from California Western School of Law magna cum laude on a merit-based scholarship, where he served as associate editor for the International Law Journal. While in law school, he worked in-house at tech startups and as a clerk for Casey-Gerry in San Diego. After starting as an extern, he was promoted to staff attorney for SuperRare Labs. In the last year, he has gained expertise in the Corporate Transparency Act and is helping oversee the development of ctaboi.com. Aaron’s experience in media and communications continues to enhance his legal practice.