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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you help me with a simple will?

    Whether motivated by a trip, transfer, new birth or hospital visit, we can help you. We even make visits to houses and hospitals.

    Our approach to estate planning is more comprehensive. For most people we do not advise a simple will. People with minor children, modest assets and unique needs are better served by a:

    1. revocable trust,
    2. pour-over will,
    3. durable power of attorney,
    4. living will and
    5. irrevocable life insurance trust (where appropriate).

    Following the “documentation” we can also assist in the follow-up (which other law firms often ignore) to put your documents to use by:

    1. changing beneficiary designations,
    2. changing ownership,
    3. preparing new deeds to real estate and
    4. other asset coordination to fund the trusts and, if married, divide assets between spouses.

    We are experienced in assisting clients with estate planning in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and New York. We understand how hard you worked to save and preserve your assets and we want to assist you to help you and your loved ones. We also work with dysfunctional families and those whose parents or children may have special needs.

    We assist clients all along the spectrum from those with modest assets to those with substantial assets.

    Can you bring lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs? In other cases, can you defend lawsuits on behalf of defendants?
    Provided we do not have a conflict of interest and agree to accept representation, we are experienced in identifying causes of action, claims, drafting pleadings, fact discovery and motion practice leading up to trials to present your case appropriately to the trier of fact (judge/jury).

    We are also familiar with raising affirmative defenses, counter-claims and motion practice to defend your case vigorously from the initial response to trial.

    We further have experience in negotiating settlements, where possible and appropriate, and assisting in alternative dispute resolution through mediation or arbitration hearings.

    In which trial courts in Delaware do you have experience?

    • Court of Chancery
    • Superior Court
    • Court of Common Pleas
    • Justice of the Peace Court
    • Federal District Court
    • Bankruptcy Court
    • Land use planing boards
    • Administrative claims
    • Board of professional regulation

    Do you work with businesses and professionals on routine and extraordinary transactions?
    Yes. We can assist with asset sale/acquisition when transitioning into or out of a business. We help negotiate leases, franchise agreements, refinancings, assist with problem customers and difficult vendors as well as annual tax, corporate planing and multigenerational succession planing.

    I have a __________ problem, do you handle this type of case?
    Our practice areas can be found by following this link (see Practice Areas).


    • Corporate Litigation
    • Books & Records, Fiduciary Duty and Appraisals
    • Business Partner Disagreements
    • Opinion Letters
    • L.L.C. Formation/Incorporation
    • Purchase/Sale of Business
    • Admission of Out of State Counsel: Pro Hac Vice
    • Entity Engineering


    • Transactions/ Negotiating Agreements
    • Breach of Contract Litigation
    • Judgment Collection
    • Trademarks
    • Bankruptcy
    • Commercial Real Estate


    • Planning (Wills/Trusts)
    • Asset Protection Trusts
    • Administration (Probate/Trust)
    • Litigation

    We do not typically practice the areas of:

    • Criminal/law enforcement
    • Divorce/family
    • Personal injury/workers compensation
    • Personal bankruptcy
    • Disability
    • Immigration
    • Securities
    • Patent applications

    Does The Williams Law Firm, P.A. provide free consultations?

    Typically, we have a short telephone call with a prospective client to evaluate the case and to be certain there are no conflicts of interest before accepting representation.

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