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  • Areas of Law


    Transactions/Negotiating Agreements

    We advise and represent clients in the negotiation and documentation of the purchase and sale of businesses. We advise clients on the alternatives for the ownership and operation of their business. We help clients form corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. We also prepare stock purchase agreements, employment agreements and other documents used in these entities. We emphasize and provide for the tax considerations in these transactions.

    Breach of Contract Litigation

    If you have a contract that was not honored by the other party, we can assist you in a suit for breach of contract, to obtain a judgement.

    Judgment Collection

    Once you have a judgment against a debtor, you need to execute upon it to collect. We have experience working with the judgments office and sheriff’s office seizing debtor’s assets.


    We advise on Trademark registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Delaware Secretary of State.

    Bankruptcy (Creditors Only)

    We assist creditors who have been sued in the Federal Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. We also assist creditors in filing proofs of claim. We do not represent debtors in personal or corporate bankruptcy.

    Commercial Real Estate

    We review, negotiate and prepare contracts for the sale, purchase, refinancing or lease of real estate. We also do title searches, issue title insurance and hold settlements on the purchase and financing of real estate. We also go to court to represent landlords in commercial and residential leases.
    We give individual owners, investors and developers tax advice on the best way to purchase, own and sell their real estate, including 1031 tax-free exchanges.

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