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  • Areas of Law

  • Annual Corporation or LLC Meeting Agenda

    1. Review U.S. and State Corporation or LLC Tax Returns to be filed
    2. Stockholders elect directors (Only for Corporations)
    3. Directors elect officers (Only for Corporations)
    4. Retainer of accountant
    5. Discuss financial matters and Dividend
    6. Salaries for coming year
    7. Bonuses for previous year
    8. Qualified Retirement Plan Contribution
    9. File Form 5500 for Qualified Retirement Plans
    10. Office at home reimbursement
    11. Loans to and from corporation (Sample Promissory Notes attached)
    12. Large purchases (property and/or equipment)
    13. Leases (offices and/or equipment)
    14. Employment agreements
    15. Agreement among Shareholders (Only for Corporation – The
    Agreement restricts the Sale of stock)
    16. Life Insurance
    17. Disability insurance
    18. Medical insurance
    19. Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (Sample Plan attached)
    20. Liability insurance
    21. Status of contracts
    22. Pending claims and suits
    23. Employee relations
    24. Fees or prices
    25. Income tax audits
    26. Automobiles (Purchase, lease, IRS mileage reimbursement)
    27. Business in other states
    28. Business Licenses and Permits
    29. Personal planning of stockholders
      (a) Are Wills and Trusts up to date?
      (b) Beneficiary designations (Primary and Contingent)
      (c) Individual Retirement Accounts
      (d) Coordination of assets with estate planning
      (e) Do you have Durable Power of Attorney?
      (f) Do you have a Health Care Directive? (Living Will)
      (g) Check if both spouses are U.S. Citizens

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